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Toxic Bubble Solution: Facts, Risks, and Alternatives

There aren’t many more nostalgic activities than blowing bubbles with a wand and bottle  of bubble solution on a hot summer afternoon. Perhaps you have memories like this  from when you were a kid, and your kids now enjoy the same pastime! 

There’s a reason why bubble-blowing has remained a popular activity for kids (and  parents) throughout the years — it’s a fun and simple way to keep yourself occupied,  and the kaleidoscopic colors of the bubbles inspire wonder no matter your age. 

As fun and as seemingly harmless as the activity is, it’s hard to imagine that blowing  bubbles could have any risks. However, many bubble products are made with toxic  chemicals that are full of potential health hazards.

What Is Bubble Solution?

Before we learn about the possible dangers of toxic bubble solution, it’s important to  understand what it is and what it’s made from. So what exactly is this mysterious liquid  that has provided so much fun and entertainment for kids for generations? 

Bubble solution is a relatively simple concoction that closely resembles hand soap. In  fact, soap is one of the primary ingredients in many bubble solutions, along with plenty  of water and glycerin. This solution also contains anionic and nonionic surfactants,  which are compounds often found in products like dishwasher soap and laundry  detergent.

Possible Health Risks of Toxic Bubble Solution

Since bubble solution is primarily made up of soap, most bubble products are just as  toxic and dangerous as soap would be when accidentally ingested or exposed to  sensitive areas like the eyes and nose. And just like soaps, different types of bubble  solutions have varying levels of toxicity and danger for users. About 95% of bubble  solution contain carcinogens in the preservatives they use.

Bubble-blowing solution is typically referred to as minimally toxic since it is unlikely to be  deadly but can still pose considerable health risks. If toxic bubble solution is ingested, it  can cause nausea, vomiting, and loose stools, among other problems. 

What to Do After Being Exposed to Toxic Bubble Solution

If you or your child have accidentally ingested bubble solution, your first step should be  to drink some water to wash away the unpleasant taste. Forced vomiting usually isn’t  necessary in this situation, but you should monitor for nausea or natural vomiting within  a few hours after the solution is swallowed. 

In the several hours or days after swallowing toxic bubble solution, you may notice  changes in bathroom habits, such as abnormally loose stools. This will usually pass  within a few days of normal eating and drinking. If your bathroom habits don’t go back to  normal within a few days or you experience prolonged nausea and vomiting, it’s  important to visit an urgent care facility right away. 

If you get toxic bubble solution in your eyes, make sure to wash it away immediately  with cool, clean water to prevent prolonged eye pain or irritation. If you are wearing  contact lenses, remove them quickly and continue to rinse your eyes with lukewarm  water for around 15 minutes. Do not use eye drops while clearing your eyes of toxic  bubble solution, as it can hide important symptoms like redness and discharge that  could indicate a more serious reaction.

Older children and adults can rinse their eyes most effectively by standing under a  showerhead and letting a gentle stream of water run into their eyes. For younger  children and babies, it’s best to lay them on their backs and slowly pour lukewarm water  into their eyes with a towel under their heads to keep them comfortable. If eye pain or  swelling persists, visit urgent care immediately for further treatment.

Are There Alternatives for Toxic Bubble Solution?

Before you swear off blowing bubbles forever, consider replacing the toxic bubble  solutions in your home with a worry-free alternative! Bubble Tree's non-toxic bubble  solution was created to fill a long-standing void in the toy industry: a bubble solution that  is eco-friendly sustainable, and safe for kids of all ages. 

With an expertly designed aluminum bottle that features a non-slip grip and custom  multi-ring bubble wand design to maximize bubble output, bubble-blowing has never  been this easy and entertaining. Plus, with Bubble Tree’s bubble in a box refill system,  you can reduce your plastic waste significantly by eliminating one-time-use plastic  bottles without having to reduce your fun.

Benefits of Using Bubble Tree Non-Toxic Bubble Solution

Are you curious about how switching to a non-toxic sustainable bubble solution from  Bubble Tree could benefit you and your family? There are many reasons why you can  feel good about making the change.

It’s Better for Your Health

Bubble Tree is made in the USA and is proud to offer one of the first completely non toxic bubble solutions and sustainable refill system available today. After so many  generations, it’s about time that bubble solution got an upgrade! 

Bubble Tree bubble solution is paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, formaldehyde  donor-free, DEA and NPE-free, no glycerine, and contains all natural preservatives  that contain no carcinogens. This makes it completely non-toxic, safe, and user-friendly  for bubble enthusiasts of all ages. All ingredients present in Bubble Tree products can  be found on the EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredient List.

It’s Kinder to the Environment

Gone are the days of buying a new plastic bottle every time you run out of bubble  solution. With Bubble Tree, your non-toxic bubble solution comes in the only aluminum  bubble bottle that’s environmentally responsible and infinitely refillable and recyclable.

Plus, once you run out of solution, you can simply refill and reuse your bottle, effectively  reducing your plastic consumption and shrinking your carbon footprint. Who knew that  choosing the right bubble solution could be an eco-friendly decision?

Enjoy Safe, Responsible Bubble-Blowing With Bubble Tree

There are many choices out there when it comes to bubble products for your family to  enjoy. Why not pick one that has your health (and the health of the planet) in mind?  When you support Bubble Tree, you’re supporting products that are entirely made in the  USA, which is just one more reason for you to feel good about your choice. 

Ready to have a blast this summer with bubbles that are as safe and sustainable as  they are fun and exciting? Order your aluminum bubble bottle multi-pack from Bubble  Tree today!

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