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The Best Bubble Solution in an Eco-Friendly Bubble Container

When a cleaning supply company named Chemtoy began bottling its bubble solution in 1940 as a children’s play toy, bubble history began! Although children had already been blowing bubbles over soapy pans for many years, it wasn’t until this time that a true enthusiasm for the activity began.

The first bubble solutions were not designed to be non-toxic bubbles for toddlers, babies, or children, and for the next 70 years, they stayed that way.

Now, Bubble Tree® has revolutionized the industry with the goal of producing sustainable, safe, and fun bubbles for people of all ages to enjoy without fear of toxicity or damaging the environment.

Today, millions of bubble containers are sold in the U.S. each year, and unfortunately, most are plastic. In fact, over 300 million plastic bubble bottles are imported into the country annually, with too many of them being thrown away in our landfills when they’re empty.

A Bubble Revolution

This waste is why we at Bubble Tree® put our 80 years of combined experience together for the good of our customers as well as the good of the environment. We’ve developed a safe bubble solution in fun, colorful, recyclable, eco-friendly aluminum bottles that are designed to be kid-friendly and, quite frankly, hold the best bubbles ever created.

Our Bubble Bottles

Our bubble containers are made of aluminum and can be refilled over and over again. They’re also 100% recyclable. The bottles are lightweight and ergonomically designed for small hands to comfortably hold without slipping through little fingers.

These bubble bottles have a soft coated texture to provide a superior non-slip grip, which helps keep the fun going without fear of dropping the bottle or spilling the solution all over the ground.

The bubble bottles are portable, easy to use, and mess-free, too. They’re easy to store, and since they are aluminum, they’ll last a good, long time. We also offer a refillable bubble system box that dispenses our bubble solution into the refillable bottles. It’s easy to store and easy to transport to wherever the fun is happening.

Our Bubble Solution

So what kind of non-toxic bubbles for babies and children are worthy of such amazing containers? Bubble Tree® bubbles! Our solution is formulated to be safe, and it creates the best bubbles you’ve ever blown.

Vibrant, strong, and long-lasting, Bubble Tree® bubbles are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and simply put, beautiful. Our bubbles have been described as iridescent, kaleidoscopic, prismatic, and nothing less than extraordinary.

Satisfied customers have told us time and time again that it’s amazing how our bubbles float higher and are massive and buoyant while remaining strong and durable. Eye-catching and impressive, our bubbles are easy to use and provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

We developed an eco-friendly product made of reliable, pure ingredients from legitimate, solid sources, and our American-made products are all environmentally responsible and safe. They eliminate the one-time-use plastic bottle waste other companies produce.

Our non-toxic bubbles for toddlers, babies, and children of all ages meet CPSC safety guidelines. Not only that, but all of the ingredients we use are on the safer chemical ingredients list of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

If you’re looking for non-toxic bubbles for babies, know that our solution is free of:

  1. Formaldehyde
  2. Parabens
  3. Nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE)
  4. Diethanolamine (DEA)
  5. Sulfates
  6. Phthalates

It’s also free of the other poisonous, harsh ingredients commonly found in other bubble solutions.

Our Bubble Wands

Believe it or not, the bubble wand is an important part of the quality of vibrant bubbles that a solution produces. While it’s true that at a bare minimum, you only really need an enclosed shape to blow through to create the bubbles, it’s also true that a good wand makes all of the difference.

We’ve spent years going through many trials and errors trying to perfect our bubble wands, and we’ve done it! Our multi-ring design produces a crazy number of bubbles every time, which is the most exciting part about blowing bubbles.

How often have you or a child lost a bubble wand in the bottle, requiring someone to dig in to try to retrieve it? You’ll never have to do that again with our bubble bottle wands because they are affixed to the bubble bottle lids!

Better yet, our wands don’t require a lot of bubble solution in order to create tons of huge, prismatic bubbles. You won’t have to re-dip the wand after every single blow, and in fact, you might just run out of breath before the bubble solution in the wand runs out!

American-Made Non-Toxic Bubbles for Babies, Kids, and Adults

American Bubble Company® is proud to produce all of our Bubble Tree® products in a state-of-the-art facility in Commerce, California. Our manufacturing facility was designed to follow the same eco-friendly principles that our products follow.

The facility in Commerce is equipped with machinery that also was made in America, and everything has been custom-built for accuracy and speed. This approach means we use less energy and produce less waste while reducing our carbon footprint.

We feel a deep duty to future generations to act in environmentally responsible ways. As a leading manufacturer of non-toxic bubbles for toddlers, infants, and all children, it is our job to promote sustainability.

At American Bubble Company®, we are proud to partner with American suppliers to maintain superior standards of quality, high fulfillment levels, and consistency. This focus means you can always count on Bubble Tree® to provide the best, most fantastic bubbles you’ve ever used.

Bubble Tree® Bubble Products

Whether you’re shopping for a few bubbles or enough to last through parties and events all season long, it doesn’t get any better than Bubble Tree® bubbles. We offer a variety of products in various amounts with different sizes of bottles, numbers of bottles, and systems.

Bubble Bottle Packs

No matter what age a person is, they can never have too many good bottles of bubbles. Our bubbles are ideal for use during a wide range of events, which is why we offer a variety of package sizes and options for purchase.

Choose from two bottles in a pack, four bottles, or six. Every aluminum bottle is pre-filled with four fluid ounces of our premium bubble solution. We have different graphic designs for our refillable bottles, too, and parents routinely tell us how much their children enjoy collecting them all.

The bottles are all about 5” tall because it’s the perfect size for little hands. Every single feature of our product is designed with kids in mind, which is also why we’ve left a space on every bottle where you can write each child’s name.

Don’t forget about the no-mess wand that is attached to the cap and the soft-coated finish that provides a no-slip grip for kiddos. The aluminum bottles are dishwasher safe, too.

Refill Boxes

Many of our customers initially purchase multi-packs of our pre-filled aluminum bottles for their bubbles, then purchase bubble solution refill boxes. Our refill boxes feature no-mess easy dispensing refill spouts so that not a drop of solution is spilled or wasted.

Each one is made from 100% recyclable packaging and has an easy grab handle on the back. In addition, all materials meet CPSC safety requirements, no harsh chemicals are used, and everything is completely non-toxic.

The boxes are easy to transport and are available in a wide variety of sizes:

  1. 1 liter — refills 8 4-oz. bottles
  2. 2 liters — refills 17 4-oz. bottles
  3. 3 liters — refills 26 4-oz. bottles
  4. 5 liters — refills 42 4-oz. bottles

Our bubble solution refill boxes can also be used with our other products like the Grab N’ Go, making them as easy as it gets to take with you to your next outing at the park, birthday party, or wedding celebration. Bubbles are perfect for bringing anywhere else you or the kids want to have fun with friends.

About American Bubble Company®

Unlike other bubble manufacturers, bubbles are all we do! Other companies create several different types of products and only have bubbles as a small segment of their product lines.

Our company was launched by toy industry veterans who saw a real need for high-quality, beautiful, eco-friendly bubbles and bubble products that inspire happy moments without the fuss, mess, and waste of traditional bubble systems.
Bubble Tree® products are patent-pending products that are easy to use, mess-free, and designed for you. Our company exists with the mission of inspiring happiness and fun while producing American-made items that are good for you, your children, and the planet.

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