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Original Refillable Bubble Systems

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Bubble Fluid Refill Solution

Bubble Tree™ bubbles refills are the perfect way to keep your reusable aluminum bubble containers ready for fun at a moment’s notice. Keep the bubbles going all summer long without spilling all over the ground, thanks to our easy, no-mess dispensing refill spout on every container of bubble solution refill.

It’s the original bubbles refill system!

Non-Toxic American-Made Bubble Mixture Refill Solution

Our bubble solution refill boxes are made from 100% recyclable packaging. They also have easy-to-grab handles on the back, so kids and adults can carry them with no problem.

All of the materials we use in our products meet CPSC requirements for safety, everything is 100% non-toxic, and there are never any harsh chemicals used in the packaging or the bubble fluid inside.

Our patent-pending refill system contains a safe bubble solution that you can bring anywhere to refill our fun, colorful aluminum bubble bottles.

Low on Bubble Fluid? Grab a Refill

Since the 1940s, blowing bubbles has been a favorite pastime, but there have never been bubbles quite like ours! Our bubble mixture refill boxes are full of non-toxic, long-lasting bubble fluid that produces the most captivating, prismatic bubbles on the planet.

Many of our customers initially purchase our refillable aluminum bottle multi-packs, then either add to their order or come back for our bubble solution refill boxes.

Our bubble mixture refills are available in several convenient, easy-to-dispense sizes:

  • 1 liter — refills 8 4-oz. bottles
  • 2 liters — refills 17 4-oz. bottles
  • 3 liters — refills 26 4-oz. bottles
  • 5 liters — refills 42 4-oz. bottles

These bubbles refill boxes are perfect for use with our bottle packs as well as our other products, including our popular Grab N’ Go. It’s easy to take them on your next trip to the beach, the park, or to a playdate. Bubbles are always a hit when fun with friends is on the schedule.

Bubble Tree Bubble Solution

There’s nothing quite as vibrant, eye-catching, and extraordinary as colorful bubbles floating through the air. They’re simple in concept, yet the shimmering, vibrant beauties continue to provide countless hours of fun for millions of children (and adults) each year.

We’ve perfected the formula so that the bubbles it produces are big, strong, iridescent, and long-lasting.

Vivid, Durable, Iridescent Bubbles

We’re big fans of bubbles here, and we know how disappointing it is to open up a bottle of bubbles, take a deep breath, and blow through a wand — only to have a bubble pop before it ever launches.

Our bubbles will never pop and splatter before you’ve had the chance to watch them float higher and higher, catching the light in their prismatic spheres. Customers come back to us year after year because there simply is no bubble like a Bubble Tree bubble.

Safe, Non-Toxic Bubbles Refills

Bubble Tree’s eye-catching bubbles are buoyant, massive, and nothing short of amazing, all while being safe and pure. Every ingredient in our kaleidoscopic bubbles is on the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of safer chemical ingredients.

Unlike many other formulas, our solution is always free of dangerous and harmful chemicals. Our superior bubble solution is environmentally responsible and is also free of:

  • Nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE)
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Diethanolamine (DEA)

We have revolutionized the industry, converting an old classic into a new one that is fun, exciting, amazing, kid-safe, and environmentally responsible. They’re simply the best bubbles you’ll ever blow.

Bubble Tree Refillable Aluminum Bottles

People buy over 300 million plastic bottles of bubbles around the globe each year! Most are made of plastic and end up in landfills or in lakes, beaches, and parks. These plastic bottles are used once and then tossed away, leaving a huge, destructive carbon footprint.

Our lightweight bottles are designed to eliminate the waste of one-time-use plastic bottles by being 100% recyclable, 100% refillable, and 100% fun.

Bubble Tree bubble containers are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into even the smallest hands. They’re comfortable to hold without constantly slipping through little fingers, thanks to the soft textured coating and non-slip grip.

This grip helps keep the fun going all day long without waste from spills all over the ground. If a spill does occur, you can rest assured knowing the solution is also non-staining.

Every aspect of our bubble bottles has been thoughtfully designed. They’re easy to use, extremely portable, and mess-free. In addition, aluminum construction means they’re durable and will last many seasons. They won’t melt, tear, or split in the sun, even during long, hot sunny days at the beach.

Our bubble solution is available in fun, enchanting bottles decorated with vibrant colors and graphics that won’t fade. There’s even a space to write a name on each container! They are sold in packs of two, four, or six bottles.

Each bottle is about five inches tall, and even that feature is intentional. We made our bottles that size because it’s the ideal size for small hands. Each one holds four fluid ounces of superior bubble solution and is dishwasher safe, too. Use our bubble mixture refill packs to reuse these amazing bottles dozens of times!

Our Bubble Fluid Wands

All of the waste, the disappointment, and the frustration that typical bubble wands cause was enough for us to spend a great deal of time redesigning the classic bubble wand.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open up one of our aluminum bubble bottles is that the wand is attached right to the lid. It’s a simple fix that has gone decades without recognition or application.

Bubble Tree fixed that problem! Do away with fishing around in bottles, spilling solution all over while trying to retrieve a wand that has slipped out of reach.

The wand is just as important as the bubble solution itself. It’s an essential factor in the quality of bubbles that are produced. Technically, bubbles can be created from an air current going through any enclosed shape. However, the wand can add a special touch of magic and make a world of difference.

Our magic wands create truly magical bubbles. We took our time and spent years testing all kinds of wand designs on a determined mission to come up with the perfect one. Thankfully, our mission was a success!

One of the most exciting parts of blowing bubbles is being able to produce a massive number of bubbles every time you blow. With our bubble wands, that’s exactly what you get, each and every time. You’ll likely run out of breath before the bubbles run out!

The best part of our wands is that thanks to the special design, you don’t need a hefty amount of bubble solution to create tons of massive, shiny bubbles.

Too many other fluids and solutions create a few bubbles and then disappear from the wand, requiring the user to constantly dip and re-dip. This is not only annoying, but it’s frustrating for kiddos and uses far more solution than it should.

With our bubble wands, you’ll be able to blow incredible numbers of bubbles before you have to re-dip the wand, all of the time, every time!

Bubble Tree Bubble Solution Refills

Whether you’re looking for bubbles for a birthday party, a picnic, a day at the beach, a wedding, or a fun afternoon at home, our products are the perfect solution. Because they’re mess-free, good for the environment, reusable, and refillable, there’s just no better bubble system out there.

Our bubble refill boxes are designed just as intentionally as our other products are, and they serve the ultimate purpose of making your days fun, memorable, and quite simply, a pure joy.

Customers love our bubble mixture refill boxes because:

  • They’re easy to carry with built-in Grab N’ Go handles
  • They can refill dozens of bottles
  • They have a convenient dispenser spout that is easy to use
  • They have a special no-mess design
  • They’re suited to take anywhere
  • They're full of our fantastic non-toxic bubble solution

Just pop the perforated area on the refill box, pull out the spout, and press it to refill your aluminum Bubble Tree bottles. Use our bubble mixture refills all year long and say goodbye to sub-par, environmentally-hazardous plastic bottles and refill packages for good.

American Bubble Company Thanks You

Bubbles are all we do at American Bubble Company, which we launched to fulfill a real need in the industry for high-quality, safe bubble solutions and products.

Happy moments are often made with simplicity at their center, and our bubbles are the epitome of classic wholesome fun without anything complex, expensive, technical, or environmentally harmful. Every one of our products is designed with you, your family, and our planet at heart.

Browse all of our products and enjoy fast, free ground shipping within the continental U.S. We ship from our Commerce, California, facility right to you.

Thank you for including Bubble Tree bubbles as a part of your memory-making experiences. We’re truly honored and can’t wait to provide you and your family with many more years of bubble-making fun.

Our Fun-Filled Eco-Friendly Bubble Blowing Solution

Did you know that most bubble-blowing solutions contain glycerin, water, and soap? Even when many manufacturers claim that their solutions are safe, most of them are still toxic to a low degree and may cause irritation containing carcinogens in their preservatives which can irritate the skin, burn and sting the eyes, burn the mouth and throat, and even cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Not our bubbles!

Bubble Tree bubbles aren’t just prismatic, durable, and beautiful. They’re also completely safe and non-toxic. We’ve revolutionized the way children spend many happy hours blowing bubbles. Our bubbles are sustainable, fun, and most of all, safe.

Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Bubbles in Refillable Bottles

We’ve put our combined 80+ years of experience with liquid bubbles together not just to make a safe product for the environment but also for our customers.

While it’s true that our bubble-blowing solution is safe for children, it’s also true that we put it into containers that are colorful, fun, and eco-friendly. They’re aluminum bottles that are completely recyclable and ergonomically designed to be comfortable for little hands to hold. Best of all, they’re also refillable!

Why did we choose refillable aluminum bottles for our bubbles? Because every year, more than 300 million plastic bottles from bubble solutions are imported into the United States and sadly, most of those millions end up in landfills.

Only 9% of plastic ever gets recycled. It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down into microplastic and even then, it still seeps toxins into the earth.

We’ve revolutionized the bubble industry with eco-friendly bubble-blowing solution and containers, so you can have more fun than ever before and feel good about it, too.

The Best Bubble-Blowing Solution

Liquid bubbles have never looked as good as Bubble Tree bubbles do! We guarantee that our bubble-blowing solution will produce the best bubbles you’ve ever seen. We’ve perfected our solution so it always creates long-lasting, strong, and vibrant bubbles with every breath through the wand.

When it comes down to it, our bubbles are simply perfect. Families, kids, parents, grandparents, and caregivers routinely describe our bubbles as kaleidoscopic, prismatic, iridescent, rainbow, and so very pretty. We think they’re rather extraordinary, really!

We pride ourselves on the fact that our bubbles don’t fall straight from the wand down to the ground to pop. Our formula creates bubbles that are durable but also very lightweight, so they’re buoyant, free-roaming, and able to float high up into the sky.

The thrill that massive, buoyant, prismatic bubbles bring to children of all ages is something no other product can replicate. This is why we created Bubble Tree liquid bubbles.

Liquid Bubbles that Are Both Beautiful and Non-Toxic?

Yes! Finally — bubbles that are both gorgeous and safe, not just one or the other. That’s what our company is about: fun without fear. We have developed an incredible environmentally friendly product that is made of pure, reliable ingredients. We use only ingredients that come from solid, legitimate, verified sources, too.

Our eco-friendly bubbles are made in the United States and eliminate the one-time-use plastic bottle waste to which other bubble companies contribute. Since our liquid bubbles are so safe, they are ideal for children of all ages, including babies and toddlers.

Add also safe for pets.

In fact, our bubble-blowing solution contains ingredients that are all on the Safer Chemical Ingredients List of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and our bubbles meet all CPSC safety guidelines as well.

Bubble Tree bubble-blowing solution is safe and non-toxic because, unlike other liquid bubbles, it contains none of the following:

  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Diethanolamine (DEA)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE)

Finally, everyone can truly enjoy their bubble-blowing experience each and every time knowing that they’re keeping children safe and saving the environment with every use of our bubbles.

Bubble Bottles that Will Blow You Away

We recognized long ago that there were several problems with the typical plastic bubble solution bottles that had been mainstream in the industry for decades, starting right from the way they are produced. The production of plastic (not to mention its entire life cycle) contributes to landfill waste, global warming, and pollution, and it uses fossil fuels, too.

In fact, the production and incineration of plastic contribute around 850 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere each year. It’s a staggering number, and we were determined to never contribute to it with our bubbles.

So the idea of our refillable, recyclable aluminum bottles was born.

Our refillable, easy-to-grip aluminum bottles are tough, but they’re also lightweight. We intentionally chose their size so that they fit perfectly and comfortably into children’s little hands, making drops all but a thing of the past.

They are designed with a soft, grippy coating to maximize easy handling, helping kids keep the fun going without the solution ending up spilling all over the ground. This also makes our bubbles extremely portable, mess-free, and easy to use.

That’s not all! Our bubble bottles are also easy to store and will last a long time, even when stored through multiple seasons.

Make sure to take advantage of our refillable bubble system boxes, too. They’re designed to dispense our bubble solution into our unique bottles without the mess and without any fuss, making it ideal to transport to the fun wherever it’s happening!

Need to add something about how the refill boxes are made of paper and are 100% recyclable unlike the big plastic Bubble bottle jugs.

Even Our Bubble Wands Are Environmentally Friendly!

Our Bubble Tree bubbles are so extraordinary that even the little wands are newsworthy! Bubble wands have an important role to play when it comes to the vibrancy, size, and number of bubbles that are produced with every breath.

Although it’s true that to make bubbles you really only need an enclosed shape to blow through, the truth can’t be denied that the right kind of wand can mean the difference between ordinary bubbles and exceptional ones.

It’s no exaggeration to say that we spent years going through all kinds of different mock-ups, prototypes, trials, and errors trying to design the ideal bubble wand. We’ve done exactly that, though, and all of the effort is completely worth the end result.

Our wands have a multi-ring design that delivers an incredible amount of bubbles, eliciting an amazing response from children and adults every time.

There’s more to our wands. One of their best features is also one of the simplest. How many times have you dropped a wand into the bottle of bubbles and then spilled half of the solution trying to fish it out?

You won’t ever need to go fishing again with our bubbles because the wands are attached to the lids of the bottles. Not only does this simple little design detail eliminate wand fishing but it also makes it much easier for little hands to grasp and grip the wands.

Eco-Friendly Bubbles in Bottle Multi-Packs

Our customers tell us time and time again how much they enjoy sharing our bubble-blowing solution with friends at gatherings, parties, and trips to the beach or the park. This is what drives us; it’s why we exist!

Bubble Tree is all about fun, but it’s more than that, too. We’re about making fun safe, easy, and eco-friendly. We’re about being environmentally responsible while elevating the fun our customers have and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Part of making the perfect bubble products is offering a variety of multi-pack sizes and options so our customers can choose what’s best for them and their needs.

We offer multi-packs of our bubbles that have two, four, or six brightly colored refillable aluminum bottles of liquid bubbles. Every bottle is pre-filled, too, so the fun can begin right away. Bottles are decorated in different graphic designs and colors, and children can collect them all.

The different designs make it easy for children to tell their bottles apart from those of other children. Each bottle also has a blank space where children’s names can be written, and as part of their eco-friendly design, they are dishwasher-safe, making them usable over and over and over!

Eco-Friendly Bubbles Refill Packs

Re-using everything is part of being environmentally responsible, which is why we created our refill boxes. They feature no-mess easy spouts that refill our bottles quickly and easily.

Our easy-to-carry refill boxes are available in different sizes:

  • 1 liter — refills 8 4-oz. bottles
  • 2 liters — refills 17 4-oz. bottles
  • 3 liters — refills 26 4-oz. bottles
  • 5 liters — refills 42 4-oz. bottles

With our refill boxes, you can bring our bubbles to weddings, birthday parties, trips to the park, outings to the beach, and anywhere else. They’re easily portable by design!

Bubble Tree Bubbles

Our company was founded by industry veterans who realized the need for a bubble-blowing solution that was fun, safe, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible. We’re proud of our Bubble Tree™ bubbles and stand behind every bottle, every multi-pack, and every refill box we sell.

Make sure this summer is full of as much fun as possible without the worry that comes with inferior bubble solutions. Trust eco-friendly bubbles from Bubble Tree and place your order today with free shipping!